Rapunzel: or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
An operetta in one act

Libretto by Marian Partee and Eric Hoit
Music by Many Old Masters, arranged by Jordan Richardson

“Have yourself a hairy little Christmas at City Lights. San Jose’s spunkiest theater company is getting a jolly good head start on the holidays this year with Rapunzel: or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. A cheerfully cheesy spoof that mashes up operetta, fairy tales, and various and sundry tonsorial clichés… No gag is left unturned in this farcical free-for-all as City Lights puts the pun back into ‘Rapunzel’ big time… ‘Once upon a time’ gets an extreme makeover in Marian Partee and Eric Hoit’s Rapunzel, a wacky pop culture sendup that skips from ‘I Love Lucy’ to The Lord of the Rings and The Wizard of Oz without getting a hair out of place.”
~Karen D’Souza
Mercury News

The Great American Melodrama in Oceano, CA, commissioned Rapunzel and produced it three times. City Lights Theatre Company of San Jose also mounted a production.

Cast: 4 W, 3 M
Running time: 45 min.