Mother’s Word

A soprano song cycle

Lyrics by Marian Partee

Music by Christina Whitten Thomas

Mother’s Word explores transformative moments in the lives of mothers in the bible.  We flesh out nine female characters whose stories were initially told by the male authors of scripture. We celebrate the love and fortitude of mothers, but also examine some of the darker aspects of motherhood. One character confronts the pain of raising her son in a dysfunctional family. One employs desperate measures to ensure her child succeeds. One uses her procreative abilities as an attempt to earn the love of her cold husband. Some are disappointed and frustrated with their sons and wonder if they failed as mothers. Ultimately, their children do fulfill their divine appointments. The success of these imperfect women may give hope to those of us who are currently struggling through the messy work of motherhood.

Mother’s Word premiered at La Canada Presbyterian Church with Rebecca Sjowall, soprano, Aiko Fukushima, piano, and Tina Tong, director and narrator. LCPC will present an expanded version featuring three singers in 2021.