Kids of Galilee

A children’s musical in one act

Book by Marian Partee

Music and Lyrics by Janet Boggs and Judy Brock

This story follows the youth of Galilee as Jesus dramatically changes their lives through His miracles and teaching. Simon Peter’s daughter, Talia, tries to convince her friends that Jesus is the Messiah, but the Pharisee’s daughters, Bityah, Bilah, and Beula, claim that Jesus is just a troublemaker. Although no adult appears on stage, the musical conveys the story of His three-year ministry, death, and resurrection. Through the children’s stories, the audience sees how Jesus causes quite a stir throughout the land. 

La Canada Presbyterian Church premiered Kids of Galilee. It is scheduled for its second production at College Church in Wheaton, IL.

Cast: 10+ children

Running time: 50 minutes