Do Not Be Troubled

Lyrics by Marian Partee

Music by Christina Whitten Thomas

Mother’s Word is a song cycle exploring transformative moments in the lives of mothers from the bible. In “Do Not Be Troubled,” Herodias sings to her young daughter, Salome.


Why do you weep, my sweet girl?

That foolish boy shouldn’t bother you.

His words are many,

But his wits are few.

Do not be troubled 

When others insult me.

Some disagree with the choices I have made.

Do not be troubled 

That we left your father.

Our lives would have been so grim if we stayed.

Do not be troubled

About your new father.

He is not perfect, but he’s better than the last.

Do not be troubled

By stories they tell you.

His youthful mistakes are all in the past.

You’re such a pretty girl.

One day, you’ll be a beauty.

A beauty can always get her way.

You’re such a good girl.

You always do as Mama tells you,

And Mama will never lead you astray.

So dance, my girl.

Spin and sway, 

Fair and free.

Turn and twirl,

Weave and whirl,

Dance, dance for me.

Do not be troubled

When that boy insults me.

Let John prattle on and ignore him, Salome.

Do not be troubled,

For when the time is right, 

We will make him pay.

Herodias by Paul Delaroche, 1843